Only 15% of organizations succeed in transforming their cultures.

Despite that lack of success, the steps to effective culture transformation--in reality, a renovation--are clear and attainable for most organizations.

Based on input from nearly 7,700 business professionals representing thousands of organizations, human capital research firm i4cp has identified 18 key actions HR and leadership teams can take to plan, build, and maintain success.



One key to a successful culture change is to figure out what to keep--what makes your current culture great, and what needs to evolve?


It’s imperative to have a strategy that enlists, aligns, and empowers leaders and key influencers at all levels across the organization.


Adapt all programs, from training to performance management, to replicate the valued behaviors of your renovated culture.


Plan, Build, and Maintain a Healthy Culture the Right Way


Culture Renovation™ Assessment

The first step for any successful culture change, the Culture Renovation™ Assessment combines employee listening techniques with analysis of external sentiment data to help you truly understand your organization's culture.

  • Assess culture health by uncovering areas of strength and improvement needs
  • Identify cultural problems and target where they are occurring and why
  • Gain an accurate, holistic understanding of the culture

Culture Renovation™ Dashboard

i4cp’s Culture Renovation™ Dashboard ensures that executives and corporate boards have a comprehensive, integrated, and real-time view of culture health, whether their organizations are planning, building, or maintaining a change.

  • Establish a culture baseline using i4cp’s Healthy Culture Index
  • Continuously track both internal and external KPIs
  • Keep leaders informed and surface critical issues

Culture Renovation™ Workshops

Planning, building, and maintaining a healthy culture during a pandemic (let alone normal times) is a challenge. i4cp experts are available to conduct virtual workshops that use the 18 steps as a framework to drive sustained and actionable change.

  • Learn key enablers for success
  • Identify ways to influence change throughout the workforce
  • Focus on the HR programs that should be adapated for new cultural values and behaviors.

Download i4cp's Culture Renovation™ report

You are just a few steps away from accessing this groundbreaking report that has been downloaded and used by thousands of business leaders.

  • i4cp's Healthy Culture Index
  • The 18 actions
  • Case studies from T-Mobile, Zumiez, Microsoft, and more.

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As CEO and co-founder of i4cp and author of the upcoming book Culture Renovation: 18 Leadership Actions to Build an Unshakeable Company, Kevin provides strategic direction and vision, and is responsible for the overall operations of the organization. Kevin is a frequent author and international keynote speaker on next practices in human capital, and works with business and HR executives on people practices that drive high performance.

Kevin has presented on i4cp's Culture Renovation™ research to the leadership teams of countless Fortune 500 companies, as well as at conferences such as LinkedIn Talent Connect, ATD, and more.


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